Last week was pretty frustrating, debugging and discovering an issue / new "feature" with JSON support which broke some things.

After resolving those I was still seeing having an issue with CloudTenant editing.

You have a few options

  • Wait for the new GA build (they built a new one with this hotfix included by the looks of the email from Gostev)
  • Patch your RTM build (log a ticket with Veeam Support to receive the file) - there is a standalone hotfix available for fixing the API specifically.
  • Veeam KB2870 - leave your code at latest and update the schema

After logging a support ticket with Veeam Support last week I was issued a hotfix which i can only assume was what was wrapped up into the new GA build.

The API Hotfix

It only included a single file, Veeam.Backup.Model.dll

With the instructions

-Stop all Veeam services on SP EM Server.
-The following file should be replaced with the files from the fix archive:
1) C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup and Replication\Enterprise Manager\Veeam.Backup.Model.dll - (it is advised to backup this replaceable file in the corresponding folder by copying it to another folder)

2) C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup and Replication\Enterprise Manager\WebApp\Bin\Veeam.Backup.Model.dll (NOTE! DO NOT backup the .dll in this folder by renaming it. Old file must be moved outside this folder or WebUI ЕМ won't start )
-Start all Veeam services on EM Server again

What did the API hotfix contain?

Being curious I did an assembly compare - surprisingly not a heap, literally two lines were added.


Obviously this is handled upstream somewhere so in a way good that they can allow different parts of the model to operate at different versions by the looks of it?

KB2870 - v1_4 support

Some more information is starting to come through as they are releasing the documentation/changes which I will test. It seems you can operate at the 1_4 level (latest) and update your schema to match.

Tenant edit. GET request now returns a new tenant type block. Adding this block to PUT requests should allow functionality to work as intended:


The element is described in the new XSD as follows:
<xs:element name="TenantType" type="CloudTenantType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>

For more information

Link to KB2870