This is really a living document for myself that will continue to be updated as I add things to my mbp. I wish I had done this the last time I set one up (it was my intention).

I am actually backing up my MPB using Veeam Agent for Mac should the worst happen data wise but being able to quickly access the tool list/install methods make new builds a breeze. One day if i get the energy ill try script a lot of it.

In (mostly) no particular order

Homebrew Install

This little tool allows me to quickly deploy most of the tools here on out thanks to the great community. Check them out on

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"




Install office suite such as Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel etc via


Then link to mobile via mobile application

brew install --cask signal

General Tools

Remote Desktop Manager

A lot on my development environment is still on a windows virtual desktop and i need access to a lot of other servers as part of my role. I am using remote desktop manager for mac.

brew install --cask remote-desktop-manager-free


Go to terminal client

brew install --cask iterm2

Forticlient VPN

Remote access to various locations including dialing into home when away.

brew install --cask forticlient-vpn

also need to run the installer (as at writing this) /usr/local/Caskroom/forticlient-vpn/6.4/


Interactive process monitor

brew install htop

Developer Tools

Visual Studio Code

My go to for all editing/coding requirements when working locally.

Github Desktop

Don't judge me ;p Love me a bit of GUI from time to time.

brew install --cask github


Used for testing out API's

brew install --cask postman


Adobe Creative Cloud

I use a fair bit of this suite, Photoshop, Illustrator Lightroom, Premier Pro mainly