This being my first year being part of the Veeam Vanguard family I was rather excited to look through all of the options in the swag store and place the order!

Before I get into it, massive shoutout and many, many thanks to @NikolaPejkova @RickVanover and the rest of the #VeeamVanguard & Product Strategy crew for letting me be part of this amazing group of individuals from across the globe!

Onto the swag! A few weeks ago we got the news that all swag shipments were on the way. It has clocked up some KMs, over 20k by the time it arrived all the way down to Christchurch.

What did I choose?

  • Beats Wireless Headphones
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Thule Narrator 15" Backpack


The package also came with a Vanguard pin and the class of 2020 tile to stick on the named Vanguard display and a message from the product strategy team.

Here it all is... first up the display + pin (I love the way it shimmers, the temptation to make a B+W edit was too high also!)

Beats Headphones

Fleece Jersey

Thule Backpack

Thanks again!