A few years back I started doing these desktops and social banners and here we go again for 2023. This year brings two new formats - the first being a LinkedIn header and also a "meeting" background for Teams or Zoom.

This year I am calling the series "Fluid" a darker theme with subtle galaxy style or paint swirl type pattern. Quite different from previous years.

Other notable changes are the year changes on the twitter social banner. We used to have a variation containing all years and for those with continuous service were going to have a pretty solid 9! year stack. but... the design was getting a bit messy. I have now moved it to a times-#number system sitting above the logo.

As per usual these are all over on github.com/benyoungnz/vanguard-templates for cloning or direct download. The PSD files are even there if any Vanguard wants to customise it or add other badges like vExpert etc.

Download: https://github.com/benyoungnz/vanguard-templates

Twitter (with x4 years membership)


Desktop Background