I am super excited to announce that I will be speaking at VeeamON this year, in fact I have TWO sessions. The best part, they will be in-person which is my first in person event in forever..... they will also be streamed live and available on demand for those of you dialing in virtually.

What am I speaking about? Well it is no surprise it will be about something code/api/automation. But I have two different takes on it

Doing More with Your Backup Data, Harness the Power of the Data Integration API

This one is going to be a bunch of fun - I have some live demos of the data integration API in use where we will be re-using the backup data for things like malware scanning and some AI/ML applications.

Officially my blurb here is:

Enterprises are ingesting backup data at astonishing rates, so why not put this data to work? Come see real world examples, where we will show machine learning and AI applications, as well as multi-engine malware analysis, all with the Data Integration API.

This session is on May 17th, 11:15 AM-12:00 PM PT and I am lucky enough to have Chris Arceneaux join me.

Driving Innovation Through the Power of APIs

This one follows the journey of how i came to learn modern cloud infrastructure and wrap a self service portal around it to serve our customers. The upside to this is we also gained massive efficiencies within the business in doing so. It is the story of how vBridge (now Softsource vBridge) got to where it is today through my eyes.

Officially the blurb here is:

Business environments are highly competitive and customers are demanding more. How can you stay relevant? This is the story of how a small Kiwi service provider increased customer satisfaction, decreased costs and increased scalability all through the use of the Veeam® APIs.

This session is on May 18th, 2:30 PM-3:15 PM PT and I am lucky enough to have Chris Arceneaux join me.

Thats all from me, but you can view the full VeeamON 2022 Agenda here for other fantastic content.