#VeeamOnUpdate 2021 was just broadcast - you can still register then watch at veeamon.com - one of the new products that was just announced was Veeam Backup for Salesforce which is due soon, hopefully early 2022!

This is big - I have had several conversations with customers and sales teams in the last couple of months asking if we could protect their SalesForce presence - to date the answer has been not, hopefully one day.... well that day is very much closer.

This move from Veeam is smart, not only do they consume SalesForce themselves but a large number of their clients both big and small use SalesForce to power parts of their organisation and you can see how they are moving in the last few years to not only protect traditional on-prem workloads but can also protect Office365 as well as all three public clouds (AWS, GCP and Azure). They are really filling the gaps.

Look forward to getting my hands on a Beta (i hope!) and getting you some more information as it is released but currently it looks like v1 will support

  • Protection of your data and metadata
  • Ability to restore loss or corrupted data from your backups
  • Backup to on-premise, AWS or Azure (object storage maybe?.... i hope?)

Let's hope it is service provider ready as it would also be a great product for all managed service providers / cloud service providers to add to their tool belt.

If you want to be notified when it is ready hit up, https://www.veeam.com/backup-salesforce.html